How We Grow Your Business

Have you ever tried dangling a toy in front of a cat? Sometimes you wonder if your cat even likes this toy, sometimes you think about finding a new toy. You feel like you have to shake that thing around forever while the cat just stares at it before finally deciding to pounce just once and afterwards you’re exhausted.

Yeah, lead generation is kind of like that.

It’s hard to find the right offer. It’s hard to determine the right way to market that offer to the right audience in the right place at the right time. It’s hard to get that audience to pay you money for your offer when there are so many competing offers out there.

But don’t worry, we can help.

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Little Birdie works with small business owners everyday to bring in lead information for their dream audiences, nurture those leads through the proper purchase funnel and ultimately convert them into happy, paying customers.

Our tried and tested “butterfly” method is customized around YOUR business during an initial consultation. We take what you already know as an expert in your business and combine it with our expertise in the lead generation field to deliver you a well-oiled machine of steady, quality lead generation day after day. We deliver you the young kittens of your customer pool, those who are ready to pounce on your offer rather than the old, fat lazy cats that may never convert.

After initial set up of your customized system, you should begin seeing leads (at 2-3X your normal rate!) flooding in after 3-4 weeks (or sooner!)

Our entire done-for-you program includes:

  • Market Research

  • Build out of your lead generation campaign, landing page and marketing funnel

  • Launching, managing and optimizing your campaigns

  • Outreach and lead nurturing

  • Monthly reports delivered right to you detailing campaign performance

  • Ongoing optimization and management

Interested in learning more?

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